Time is just a matter of priorities

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The lack of time is a usual excuse. When we don’t have time for a project, like learning a language or how to cook Italian food, we often have other priorities.


However, we have time to watch TV or to chat with friends and tell our life on Facebook.


You don’t have to spend 3 hours a day to learn a language. 10 minutes a day are sufficient.


Some sources will tell you to spends between 575 and 2200 hours according to a language difficulty. Don’t rely on it!


Just replace time-consuming (and uninteresting) activities by linguistic activities.


Did you know that an average person spend 3 hours 30 a day in front of a TV screen?


If you decide to get rid of it, you’ll win at least 3 hours 30 a day. In a year, you’ll win 1260 hours.


You’ll see. You won’t regret it. Between us, there are plenty of things more intelligent and interesting to do.


You can watch your favorite TV series in your target language in the original version.


You can read the news in your target language with Google News or websites like News in Levels.


You can also go out and meet real people from everywhere in a nice bar in your city.


Maybe you have free moments like the moment you wait for your bus, your turn at the supermarket or in the waiting room.


You can listen to a podcast in your car, read a book or use an app on the train, the bus or the metro.


You have so many free moments to practice your language. Even if you’re overbooked.


Time doesn’t have to be an excuse anymore. Time is just a matter of priorities.

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