The main goal of any language

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A language is made to be spoken and to communicate with other humans. It’s that simple.


If your vocabulary knowledge isn’t perfect, it doesn’t matter. You can learn words and expressions every time you practice the language. You’ll always improve your vocabulary. Even natives do.


If your grammar isn’t perfect, it doesn’t matter. It’s not the most important. Locals will even congratulate you to speak their language at least. Not just a “catch-all” language like English.


If your pronunciation isn’t perfect, it won’t always be a problem. Having a strong accent doesn’t mean your pronunciation is bad. You don’t need to speak with a perfect native accent. Even native speakers have an accent when they come from another region.


If you can’t write the language, it’s not a problem. But you have to be able to read it at least to recognize and understand signs in the street.


The essential is to understand the speakers and to be understood by them.

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