Talk with your cat

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My former (and best) German teacher told us to recite a text with our cat.


It’s not a bad idea because it’s an excellent pronunciation exercise.


It’s a bit like if you learned to pronounce a language with a song.


If you don’t have a pet, just use a mirror. Or better. Record yourself.


Read the text aloud first. Rehearse until you know it by heart.


Watch your last records, compare and take notes.


You’ll never stop improving your pronunciation and communication skills.


It’s also an excellent exercise to get ready for conferences and public presentations.

Start to dream in a language

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When you practice a language intensively, like during a trip, you start to think in that language. Even with a quite basic level.


You can also learn to think in that language right now.


Just imagine situations where you have to speak. Write the sentences somewhere and enunciate them aloud.


Keep doing this until you start dreaming in your target language.


When you come to this point, you’ll be ready to go further.

Don’t look for the miracle solution

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Stop losing your time looking for THE miracle solution. There is no one to learn a language pushing on a button like in Matrix.


Every existing language method, even the best, is complementary to the others.


I said earlier that you wouldn’t reach a perfect level in any language.


So no solution will allow you to master a language. Even if you “speak a language perfectly.”


You’ll always learn a language as long as you keep practicing it.